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Week In Review 2015w31

I haven’t been getting any of those windows 10 wifi passwords probably because something happened on everybody’s install. Mainstream press picked up fast on solitaire needing a subscription and not so fast on windows 10 relaying everything you do, including keypresses, back to microsoft. Cause you know, that’s totally kosher these days.

Europe really doesn’t like Facebook trying to be the internet ID card

Text an android, pwn an android. Meanwhile Pakistan and United Kingdom are sister countries in banning messaging apps.

Finally someone is getting prossecuted for widespread spying of the German govt and distribution of state secrets. Sadly, it’s the journalists who reported it. Better be on the lookout for funny moustaches.

Cause it’s not all bad, new 3d stackable apparently memristory memory and single molecule transistors, effective ebola vaccines and a confirmation of the mysterious EM drive.

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