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Maker Faire

Maker Faire Lisbon 2015 is done. First off, let me tell you putting an event together is very hard work. But more on that latter.

Maker Faire makes me warm inside like few things do. Bringing more than 100 makers, hackers and tinkerers together in one space to show tens of thousands of attendees we can create and make new things where there was none before the Faire is a show of capability and potential. Most of the makers at our Maker Faire are hobbyists and after their day job they go home and pour their passion for making into the projects they come share with us. And we have the students, some younger who thanks to brilliant teachers have the opportunity to explore and some older who despite manage to find each other and create hubs of making. At the end of the day thanks to our awesome sponsors two of those groups went home with new 3D printers and we got to share their joy for the recognition and the possibilities new tools bring. But awards and Ribbons are just the cherry on top, the one true prize for all participants is coming together and sharing.

maker faire panorama

Back to the hard work, I had been involved in making Codebits for the last few years, hosting the Amazing Codebits Quizshow but also special features like the MEO wallet hardware conversions and any spur of the moment things like filling in for the award presenter or doing damage control on an elaborate prank, but this year I got to be involved in almost all aspects of Maker Faire from project selection to checkin and don’t let anyone fool you into thinking putting on events is an easy job. Luckily we are in this with the great Ciencia Viva team and attracted a host of volunteers that handled all work during the event professionally and with remarkable dedication. Sleep deprivation, aches all over and mild sunstroke, just a small price to pay for the greatest show and tell in the world.

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New Site

Hi. There’s a new site here. There’s still a link to the old one somewhere. But this one will actually have content.

So there.

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