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Colophon is edited by Carlos Morgado. This is a personal site and has no affiliations. So, this site is strictly personal and has no affiliation whatsoever with any of my former, current of future employers. Everything and anything I write or provide in this site is either mine to give away, in the public domain or it is presented with permission from the author. The author of does not make representations about 3rd party sites linked from Follow links at your own risk.

About Carlos

I believe in leading by knowing how to do. That doesn’t exclude leading by loudness and leading by fear but does exclude leading by project management. I’m currently a senior architect for things, new technology tinkerer and bridge from engineering into marketing and IT (and viceversa).
That basically means I’m an old engineer who’s grown weary of turning nuts and bolts and can be put to better use by acting in misterious ways.

Personaly, I’ve been involved in a number a parts of Linux, from kernel to GNOME, I’m generally a member of the open source community and I’m interested in mobile stuff nowadays. The sections on the sidebar are good at tracking whatever glitery thing is catching my eye this instant so stay tuned!
I’ve been using flickr as a fotolog of sorts and friendfeed agregates some of my feeds.


There’s at least 2 forms of contact in the sidebar and another one in the section above. For email you can use chbm at chbm dot net or at any other of my domains.

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