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Week In Review 2015W34

Into the memory hole google goes

Italian city goes back for Microsoft Office because Microsoft Office lockin which is why you shouldn’t start in the first place.

UK health agency back electrical tobacco vaporizers cause they’re not as bad and don’t turn people into tobacco smokers as opposed to the rest of the world is wrong. I guess it’s cause as they claim to be the case for ecigs their paper as much less science than a regular paper.

Spreading information is now a crime in Denmark

Oh boy, Ashley Madison DB out in the wild

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Week in review 2015w33

In case you’re wondering what’s going on during the summer your elected representatives are being barred from accessing the TTIP, a US-EU treaty being negotiated by your unelected representatives and lobbies.

Google is now alphabet soup.

Yay more android vulnerabilities. If no one looks for vulnerabilities do they exist in oracle software ? Yes and the NSA are probably exploiting them and the Intel SMM exploit that’s been around for decades too. And more Mac thunderbolt exploit. And more car exploits. And bios level crapware on Lenovo laptops. And trivial attacks against Volkswagens that Volkswagen managed to silence for two years. Maybe that’s why the NSA is switching to the quantum resistant encryption they don’t want us to have.

Space lettuce. Now all we need is space bacon.

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Week in review 2015w32

oh boy, nmi handling previledge escalaction on current linux, thunderbolt hardware attacks on macs, certigate android remote exploit and bitfliping using javascript on a browser. considering the tempest attack using a printer as receiver, square reader hijacks and garage door dupers it must be black hat time again.

nokia sells maps for about one instagram and microsoft wants you to pay $15 to play dvds on windows10, someone is partying like it’s 1999.

the only thing flash seems to be used these is to deliver exploits using space bought on ad networks.

shadows of funny mustaches still make the germans think hard but cameron and saudia arabia are brothers in arms. better just do like china and put police on the isps.

internet lasers on solar powered flying drones.

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Week In Review 2015w31

I haven’t been getting any of those windows 10 wifi passwords probably because something happened on everybody’s install. Mainstream press picked up fast on solitaire needing a subscription and not so fast on windows 10 relaying everything you do, including keypresses, back to microsoft. Cause you know, that’s totally kosher these days.

Europe really doesn’t like Facebook trying to be the internet ID card

Text an android, pwn an android. Meanwhile Pakistan and United Kingdom are sister countries in banning messaging apps.

Finally someone is getting prossecuted for widespread spying of the German govt and distribution of state secrets. Sadly, it’s the journalists who reported it. Better be on the lookout for funny moustaches.

Cause it’s not all bad, new 3d stackable apparently memristory memory and single molecule transistors, effective ebola vaccines and a confirmation of the mysterious EM drive.

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Week in review 2015w30

Oh boy, steam bug that allows account hijacking and trivial privilege escalation OS x 10.10.

I remember when the IETF was about furthering the Internet instead of working to protect the dns business model.

We got to the point where having interns designing the cyber in a car graduates from milk curding interfaces to getting people killed.

Universal comes clean they are copyright infringing pirates. In technical terms they issued a DMCA takedown against a server on, which they were probably running to host the campaign against google.

In 2012 someone filled a patent against MRTG and now it was issued.

Australia must be an horrible country cause they just assume someone will attack them.

Hackingteam never heard of Barbara Streisand.

On something very cool, British man gets an eye implant.

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Week in review 2015w29

Now even Facebook wants flash dead, probably because it messes up their mobile stuff. Also, if you were doing something useful with Facebook messenger move somewhere else.

Windows 10 updates will be mandatory, maybe so Microsoft can declare chrome and Firefox malware.

Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata and privacy champion Casper Bowden both died this week.

EU high court says UK’s spying law is illegal and UK high court says ripping CDs you own is illegal. One of these courts is on the wrong side of history.

If only there was a public immutable secure ledger system we could use instead of scamming people out of their property.

Stop the presses, bacon flavored seaweed.

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Week In Review 2015w28

After dumping maps Microsoft is taking a huge write off and laying off the nokia division which seems to be more of the killing all things ballmer streak. And to top it off MS is now the first OpenBSD gold contributor. But wait, what ? Apple is changing the brand of their stuff ?

Of course NSA doesn’t read The Heise like everybody else. And we’re cyberdoomed without cyberabackdoors to cyberprotect us aginst cyberattacks says the cyberfbi.

Hacking Team get hacked and we find they go well beyond 0day flash exploits into selling spyware to dictatorships and sabotaging global communications. And boy, is the hacking team ceo ever so mad for getting his privacy blatantly violated.

7nm process chips which is pretty insane.

In China everything is big and when the market crashes the market crashes. And Germany really wants to go shopping in Greece on Sundays, probably cause its shops are closed.

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