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Week in review 2015w27

Microsoft is selling off maps and other things to Uber. Weird world we live in.

I guess those people who laughed about the end of IPv4 are having a tall glass of stfu now.

Scrounges at the NSA couldn’t just buy the paper liked everyone else. and GCHQ couldn’t just get the amnesty international report. In fact why not not access anything ever except of course if you’re doing science, in that case publishing will get you arrested.

In France first you get your stuff burnt down then you get arrested.

In one week EU passes roaming charges to everybody else and created the oposite of net neutrality under the name of net neutrality.

In the fall of the western civilization department, everybody is against the TPP except the people who are paying to get it passed and governments tend to not like the people who denounce the ways elections are rigged

I remember being a kid and dreaming about the F-35 experimental prototypes. Maybe I should have kept to the superior F-16 trainer in extended range configuration.

Cuba stops mother-baby HIV transmission. Meanwhile, someone dies of measles because the dark ages with their plagues was ever so safe.

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