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Week in review 2015w26

Samsung making crappy hardware with crappy drivers for an awful experience like it was 1994 and in not really news flash 0day. And because what we need is more uncontrolled root CAs Microsoft silently pushed a bunch more.

Facebook messenger without a Facebook account ? You just need a phone number, your real name and photo and … You’ll have a Facebook account which is more than what you’ll have after youtube decides to steal your url.

GCHQ and NSA putting your tax money to work crippling your civilian infrastructure. Next up, operation mole to put potholes in perfectly good roads.

Baghdad ? Kabul ? No, French taxi drivers.

Fun info graphs about global warming.

If this simple cheap electrolysis devices is for reals its gonna be incredibly cool. And maybe Samsung can make up for shoddy PCs by doubling LiIon battery capacity.

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eek in review 2015w25

Facebook beacons which are totally private cause they don’t collect data except they activate the Facebook app to report back on everything you are doing and a Facebook app to privately share photos written in c++ which is almost believable except for the private sharing part.

Microsoft quietly backs away from free upgrades for everyone which will probably keep you from the killer windows feature, sharing your wifi password on Facebook.

Ah crap malicious apps can hijack keychain items on OS X and trick people into reinserting them while chrome silently starts listening in on your microphone.

UK high court rules you can’t do anything with content you payed for and MPAA claims constitutional protection against … Wait for it …. A fishing expedition by Google about MPAA lobbying. You really can’t make this stuff up.

Growth hacked industry!

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Week in review 2015w24

iOS9, el capitain, some sort music streaming service, new Xcode and running your code on your own phone without a dev subs, watchOS sdk and multitasking if you have the right iPad. Oh and one more thing, content blockers on mobile safari. If only iOS could block malware injection.

Microsoft quietly drops metro Skype and starts considering the ask toolbar malware.

Attacking Kapersky might have been a mistake maybe not as big as trying to use the law when your’re caught sabotaging electronic communications.

Unknown attackers deploy malicious mobile towers in London while germany decided against inquiring nsa snooping on Merkel and UK creates a snowden from nothing.

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Week in review 2015w23

Too bad we’re on m already cause L should have been android leakage. And it was about time chrome stopped flash like it cared for users.

sourceforge says it’s on the level, hijacks nmap

thunderbolt and usb are merging or something.

It’s only 2015, it’s perfectly normal for software to crash parsing simple strings.

This is truly the height of western democracy, human rights destroyed by secret treaties negotiated.

widespread civilian spying 0 - selfies

I thought this was a USA monopoly but diphtheria for lack of vaccination next door in Spain ? Wtf guys !

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Week In Review 2015w22

Google had a good week with IO announcing a android evrsion i might actually use, more developer goodies including an automated testing system that’s needed because android. And on the being terrurists side a SD hard crypto card.

On the iOS side a killer sms.

A startup spends years siphoning user’s phones and get bought and sourceforge goes full on douche.

TTIP is a backroom deal fueled by lobbies outside the democratic process that’s literally killing us.

UN says encryption is necessary for basic human rights and even the US senate doesn’t renew NSA widespread spying but Obama doesn’t like it.

What are domains seized by the FBI used for ? porn and malware of course.

It’s dead easy to plant a story in “journalism” and journalism say it’s about ethics in something. And for something cool, a self folding origami robot.

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