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Week in review 2015w17

google invented something that looks like not really cheap mobile data but apparently is a clever real time biding mvno scheme

aw snap, a bunch of iOS apps have an old tls broken network lib, there’s a ios wifi bluescreen of death and code injection into OS X signed apps so this has not been a good week for Apple which they compounded by refusing apps that mention pebble

twitter tries to get non-us accounts away from nsa but not might be worth the effort as EU intelligence agency are going rogue too. Meanwhile microsoft enables customer keys in hosted office365

piracy is what happens to my stuff, for other peoples stuff it’s sharing. EU is looking at copyright reform, I’m guardedly optimistic.

if this is not an elaborate hoax dhl and Amazon are working on a way to break into your Audi

conspire to destroy global economy ? It’s all good. Cheat on high school tests ? Go to jail. snowden should have used the confidential material he swiped for romantic purposes with journalists like that totally legit general. real crime prosecutions get dropped cause investigation was illegal but tech companies are the real terrurist lubers.

Somehow I’m not sure these guys made to Obama’s drone list.

chimps are not exactly people and turns out when you give nicotine to bees they become addicted and die.

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Week in review 2016w16

EU is pretty mad at google but to their credit they are killing off Java plugins. microsoft powered android might not be such a good idea seeing as now people will be able to own your android with a recording.

facebook being a cia front is well past funny.

democracy by the lowest bidder leads to admin/admin.

mmog stenography for the win.

haven’t seen any reporting about how insanely hard rocket propelled vertical landing is. reporters clearly never spent days playing lunar lander.

And you don’t even get dinner!

It has started.

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Week in review 2015w15

Google did a wipe sweep of malware on chrome extensions and bad news for nsa doing OS X.

the governament wants to know where everybody is but that would be wrong so the obvious solution is having the private sector track everybody. china doesn’t want to be behind in the mitm game. hummm what’s this service overcharge line on our bill ?

1337 hax0rs hax0r passwords in plain sight in tv open broadcast. 1337 hax0r discovers password=login and defaces school computer background image. This was trully the week of csi cyber.

in democratic Spain peaceful assembly is illegal now and in democratic France the secret police will have open access to all private data.

yes battery porn!

Obama owns up to climate change in a way that clumps it with obamacare.

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Week In Review 2015W14

Tatooine youth suspected in horrifying terrorist attack. All civil liberties suspended in empire.

facebook tracks everybody everywhere. Nobody is amazed and EU is not amused. Another not amazing finding is TPP will allow corporations to have more rights than persons and in this case EU is totally amused.

Turns out, the new galaxy does worse under pressure than the iPhone. You know who will care ? These 500 guys.

In local news, the president surprised everybody by vetoing the “siphon money from digital economy into retired artists pockets” bill while the siphoning lobby surprised no one promising to sue someone for the right to siphon.

How hot do digital books burn ?

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