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Week In Review 2013W12

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Week In Review 2013W11

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Week In Review 2013w10

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Week In Review 2013W09

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The Other Conundrum

The space used up by Other in my iPhone has been creeping up for while. Other is iTunes speak for “i don’t know what this is”. It’s basically what’s left of the used up space after all media and apps are accounted for. A bit of Other is natural, there’s always system temporary files lying around, config files, upgrade images and other random stuff. But when it get to 4G things have gotten out of hand.

screenshot of itunes showing 4G used by Other

At this point a regular user gives up and does a full restore from a backup. Not being a regular user I went with getting to the bottom of this so I evasioned my iPhone.

A bit of poking around the filesystem and sure enough something looked strange.

2.6G    ./Podcasts

I’m pretty sure I don’t have 2.6G worth of podcasts and iOS thinks so too.

usage says 693MB in Podcasts

So there’s 2G lost in Podcasts.

ls -1 | wc -l

Looking at the file count Podcasts never deleted anything and that’s despite me deleting stuff manually.

So where’s the other 2G ? Well, I found a bit over 500M in staged iOS updates and couldn’t be bothered to look further. The moral of the story is is an unmitigated disaster. It’s probably the worse app Apple ever released. The first versions just downloaded stuff over and over using up cellular data. Then the control appeared but despite being set to never use 3G it would happily stream over cellular. And this space leakage is just as if Apple is forcing people to buy more expensive phones.

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