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Week In Review 2011W08

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Week In Review 2011W07

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Week In Review 2011W06

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Programing for Nokia

  • 2007: Symbian is great, you should all be using our awesome C++ API and our awesome IDE!
  • 2008: Maemo is the future! We don’t like the Gtk+ C APIs but we don’t know what we’re gonna do. We hear Flash Lite is great!
  • 2009: Maemo6 is going to be awesome! And it’s all Qt C++!
  • 2010: Did we say Maemo6 ? We obviously meant Meego! Excellent news, common UI Qt API in Meego and Symbian!
  • 2011: Windows Phone is totally awesome so we’re going with that! Symbian is going to die. Qt what ? No, you’re totally going Microsoft now.

This latest jump shouldn’t bother anyone as anyone with a shred of sense has given up hope 2 years ago.

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What Should Nokia Do ?

Tomorrow Nokia will probably announce their demise. So I’ll write here what Nokia should actually have done. Two years ago at least.

  • Put Symbian on life support. This is a no brainer but life support in Nokia context will probably mean a 1000 headcount considering all the legacy to support.

  • No more S40. All devices under 150EUR come with Symbian^2. We all say Symbian is crap but it’s still a lot better than anything else in featurephone space.

  • Don’t do 100 phones at a time. Nobody needs to choose from 30 models in a given range. Focus on a much smaller number and do them well. Nokia knows how to, technically, build good phones. But it fails at building compelling phones.

  • And finally, get the Maemo/MeeGo team on top. They seem to be the only team capable of delivering in interesting product in the last 2 years, even against the rest of the company. And then make them integrate Android for everything from midrange to highend. And meanwhile make them do a MeeGo tablet.

But this is not what Nokia will do.

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WeekInReview 2011W05

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