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Apple is probably working on a pro HTML authoring tool. Lets review the recent events:

  • Apple keeps Flash out of iOS;
  • Apple removes Flash from the Lion install, whoever wants it needs to get it from Adobe;
  • iWeb is missing from the iLife11 announcement while mail templates are demonstrated from something that felt like 1 hour.

So my take on this is the Web team is hard at work on a HTML5+JS pro authoring tool to obsolete Adobe Flash. In fact, all Apple needs to declare full out war on Adobe is to throw in a decent Photoshop replacement.

And lo and behold, between writing and publishing time Adobe concedes defeat and announces a flash-to-html tool. Flash is now irrelevant.

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Week In Review 39W2010

  • Rim stunned the world by producing a tablet people might actually want. It’s definitely not lacking in hardware, the QNX based system seems up to the mark and it comes with a development kit. It looks even better for BlackBerry users as it tethers to BBs for internet access and gives a larger view of the familiar BB messaging. Speaking of which, russians cracked BB backups.

  • Google is expanding the Android Market to 20 more countries. I’ll be able to buy Android apps. Horray ? Meanwhile Microsoft is keeping true to itself and trying to squeeze more licensing money from Android makers. After settling with HTC they’re going after Motorola. Google needs to start really selling a flagship Android phone and force MS to come after them.

  • 3DS is coming in March. Probably in the 300EUR mark. Decisions Decisions.

  • Piracy fosters new business models. UK ISPs, for instance, are racking it in turning customer data. There’s a budding blackmail market stealing from my idea. It must really hard to be in the racketeering biz as they even have to steal from each other.

  • Won’t someone think about the children ? No, really. Denmark and Sweden have a child porn blacklist 167 site long. AK Zensur of Germany analised it. Seems like only 3 (2%) actually had any type of child porn. Nobody cared to take the illegal sites down until the AK Zensur notified the hosting companies and they put them offline within the day. So, now, the Denmark/Sweden children pornography blacklist contains exactly zero child porn sites. Note to governments: if you’re using children as an excuse for censorship or for demagogic reasons, actually do something useful about child porn instead of insulting us all.

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