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Week In Review 21W2010

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Week In Review 20W2010

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Week In Review 19W2010

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Week In Review 18W2010

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Week In Review 17W2010

  • The big splash this week was HP buying Palm. My first reaction was, that’s the end of it, but as stuff started coming up about HP canceling the Slate I changed my mind to mild optimism. On the same week MS killed the non existing Courier which implies HP somehow pulled out of the deal. Meanwhile, Apple sells one million iPads.

  • Microsoft in one swoop took the bat to Flash by supporting HTML5 on IE9 and to Firefox by only supporting H.264. Microsoft basically sees a bright future full on Silverlight and IE9 while trying to ignore Chrome exists.

  • Back in 2007 the Danish Anti Piracy Group was talking in Sweden and went on at length about how the anti piracy guys think child pornography is great. The logic behind it is, as I explained before, child porn is a strawman the RIAAs can use to force Governments into passing general censorship laws. They intend(ed) to use child porn to show filtering works and then once the Giant Firewall is established they take control of it and start doing whatever they feel like. Meanwhile, don’t feel sad for the music industry as revenue grew on piraty markets. The IFPI points out the growth in South Korea and Sweden but forgets to mention Mexico, Australia and Brazil.

  • Nokia announced the N8 which is pretty solid hardware. Sadly, as Nokia is ever more confused, it will run Symbian^3. Meanwhile, Qt moves along with a new development environment and promise of MeeGo and Symbian source compatibility. And to great shock to some people Apple is now the largest US phone maker overtaking, even more shockingly, Motorola.

  • HTC can’t get a break. Now Microsoft says Android infringes on its patents and the Taiwan guys cut a licensing deal with the devil^WMicrosoft. Google better start to put some weight into this is with IP insurance on Android or manufacturers will be scared away.

  • Remember kids, Facebook sucks so check up on what Facebook reveals about you.

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