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Week In Review 16W2010

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Week In Review 15W2010

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Week In Review 14W2010

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The iPad use case

A number of people asked me if I’m in line for an iPad. The short answer is, I’m not. I lack a clear use case for it and that kind of money can buy my kids some nice holidays. But the iPad is a beautiful machine. It looks like something out of the future and while I haven’t held one yet I’m pretty sure it feels like that too. Somewhat like the guy who designed the first flipphone cause he wanted a Star Trek tricorder, but totally better.

I don’t have a use case for the iPad but then again I’m not the typical user. We already have a netbook on the couch the wife uses for Facebook games (which, for the time being, is about the only reason Flash is important on something) so that’s covered. I myself have been, as of late, living on my N900 and while sometimes annoying for lack of horsepower (and little Maemo5 snafus) it has been rendering my workstation more and more as the thing I use to do development and gaming on. The N900 is a proper computer and fits in my pocket which are two very important requirements for me. The 98% of the population who isn’t like me will use the iPad exactly as I use the N900 and for them it will slowly and steadily become their personal machine. So, to the people saying the iPad isn’t a real computer and won’t catch on cause it’s neither a PMP nor a notebook I say poo poo. That’s a weak argument if I ever heard one.

Meanwhile, iPhoneOS 4.0 has came out which will bring, among other things, proto-multitasking to the iPad enabling IM, music player and VoIP. Next year an iPad2 will surely come out with a front facing camera, iChat and Skype videocall. If everything goes according to Apple’s plan, Flash will be a memory like Java applets are now and the iPad will be the personal device.
Speaking of Apple’s plan, the iPhoneOS4.0 SDK basically kills the upcoming Adobe Flash iPhone cross development GUI app. That gotta sting, not only Adobe but also all the Flash developers who were planing to code the next iFart in Flash and become millionaires. They’ve become upset and trash talked Apple and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lost profit class-action suit cropped up (please oh please do, that would be so entertaining). My take on the whole thing is, iPod/iPhone/iPad is a closed system, Apple never made representations otherwise and if you want to make money off it you listen to Apple and play by Apple rules. Don’t like them ? Pack up, leave and develop for Android which is an open system or buckle down and learn Objective-C/Cocoa. Either way, shut up.

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Week In Review 13W2010

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