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Week In Review 12W2010

  • Verizon is hellbent on dragging USA away from mobile darkages and promises 30% LTE coverage till the end of 2010.

  • Nintendo promised a 3D DS next year. And that’s no-glasses 3D too! Meanwhile, iPhoneOS quadrupled gaming share in a year. Granted, this is 2008 to 2009 so it went from 5% to 19%. The interesting thing is while the DS took a small hit from 75% to 70%, the PSP went from 20% to 11% which means the “market cap” shrinked to half.

  • Google escalated by serving .cn requests from HongKong. HongKong is already a sore point with the PRC so this could go south.

  • The Guardian says Israel cloned real British passports to use in wet ops. This is the super safe passports designed with the sole purpose of keeping us safe from terrorists. Meanwhile, a airport worker took naked pics of a coworker using the “security” scanner and cellphone. The main difference between the photographed worker and your wife and she’s traumatized and will probably get a fat check while your wife would be a terrorist and be detained without accusation for an undetermined period of time. Are we safe yet ?

  • A German organization of child-abuse survivors [spoke out against censorship in the name of “protecting children”]. I’ve always said child pornography is used as a strawman for political censorship and economic interest and that’s absolutely morally despicable. The victims add censorship actually works for the aggressors by hiding the crimes and not doing anything effective to stop the practice. Are you actually against child abuse ? Then pressure for a real investigation of the Catholic church.

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Week In Review 11W2010

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Windows Phone 7 Series UI

I’ve looked at the Windows Phone 7 Series emulator from the SDK and general assumption of the UI is: The user has a giant mental map of the UI landscape and navigates throughout the menu real-estate moving the phone screen viewport like a window.
While different, I’m fairly unconvinced it’s any good.

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Embrace. Extend ?

Singletasking. No copy’n’paste. Push Notifications. Different UI. Centrally controlled single source for apps. Standardized hardware platform. Capacitive touchscreen. Free (as in beer) SDK. 3D Games. 2010 launch.

Uh, what do you mean 2010 ? I bet up to that last one you were thinking I was describing iPhoneOS 2.0. But no, I’m describing Windows Phone 7 Series. That’s a whole lot of embracing, and only 2 years delayed.

I’m still looking for the extend. Don’t tell me it’s the develop for Phone/PC/XBOX stuff cause that’s just going to make me smile faintly.

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FMI na na na na na na ni

Em tempo de PEC é sempre bom lembrar o PREC e o José Mario Branco sobre o FMI em 1979. Letra aqui e aqui e música parte 1 e parte 2.

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O PEC é feio

A situação é feia e exige sacrifícios. O PEC é um plano de sacrifícios. Tive acesso à tabela que o Governo usou como guia para conceber o PEC.












Economia Paralela




Classe Média


É simples perceber quem é que tem que ser sacrificado. Ainda me resta algum dinheiro para pagar os milhares de milhões desaparecidos na banca xico esperta, os TGVs que não vou usar e os robalos que não vou comer. Pago por mim e pelos que não pagam e deviam pagar para dar dinheiro aos que não deviam receber.

A lição está aprendida. Na próxima voto no PCP. Se é para queimar que ardam todos e que o fogaréu dê espectáculo. Já tenho slogan e tudo:
“PCP, ninguém se fica a rir”.

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The XNA Javaness

Microsoft is very excited about unified development for PC, XBOX and Mobile. They’re talking about the exact same game, with minor adjustments, on all 3 platforms. Most people can see some kind of fault with that reasoning. They can’t.

One size fits all tends to end up with whatever the worst platform can handle. This kind of works from XBOX and PC, with the XBOX being a crappy PC and PC developers being used to develop for crappy PCs. It doesn’t exactly work cause controls on a PC are much richer than on an XBOX. And console games are simpled down versions os PC games anyway.
But let’s face it, a Snapdragon mobile phone isn’t exactly a crappy PC. It’s not even a PC, it’s just a low power CPU with lowend 3D graphics. You’ll end up playing on your 2000USD PC a game your phone can render.

What works is having, not versions, but aspects of the game. You play some parts on the XBOX or the PC and some parts on the mobile. Example, on an adventure game you play some wicked 3D combats on XBOX and do your adventuring on the mobile taking advantage of all the nice things a mobile has, such as a touch screen and mobility. This isn’t rocket science, Nintendo did this with Zelda on Gamecube+GBA (expect the cable made it awkward), and in the end what you need for a compelling game is making the best experience possible all around, not go easy on the developers.

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Week In Review 9W2010

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The Microsoft Vapourization

One of the reasons Microsoft is on the way down is they gave up on shipping products. The last few things that made a blip don’t actually exist. Let’s review. There’s Surface which never could make it as a product, there’s project Natal which was announced 18 months ago for 4 months ago, Windows Phone 7 Series which will exist in real hardware at best, next Christmas and now Courier which they promise will be really awesome if it ever exists.

I can imagine Ballmer standing before the Board going “We’re going to make a killing next Christmas, just you wait. We have this really really amazing stuff just about ready to come out”.

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Week In Review 8W2010

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