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Week In Review 47W2009

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Week In Review 46W2009

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Horray for ACTA

You probably heard about ACTA by now. If you didn’t, ACTA is a secret treaty that’s being negotiated by nobody knows who, to cover nobody knows what in nobody knows where. Having said that, it seems to imply HADOPI for everyone. And it’s going to make me RICH RICH RICH.

The thing about 3 strikes laws is it doesn’t involve court proceedings or pesky things such as evidence. It only involves accusation by a copyright holder. And that’s excellent cause everything’s easier that way. The plan is simple. (this is prior art! don’t rip me off or I’ll go ACTA on you!)

  1. Establish myself as a copyright holder. I’m already a copyright holder but it seems having some volume might help. Fortunately, computers help a lot in this cases and the random number generator can churn out a bunch of popmusic in no-time.
  2. Send friendly letters to medium business telling them “we” (better to be an Association, sounds more credible) found them at fault but we’re the good guys and we’re all businesses and understand what’s at stake so we’d b e happy to settle through some licensing. A small payment and they’ll never hear from us again.
  3. After funding myself with medium business it’s time to go for the meat. Chose a mid tier ISP and start firing infringement letters at them. I’d say 2% to 5% of their user base in a month. That will get their attention, afterwards “we” send them a nice letter saying we’re noticing a lot of infringement from them and understand how losing that much customers would hurt their business so we’d like to help them by settling for a reasonable amount. Rinse, repeat.

Let’s just hope it’s that easy. Otherwise I’ll have to put up a popular webpage, which is hard work. Said page would have T&C’s which would explicitly prohibit it from being browsed with say, Internet Explorer. Then, it’s just a matter of automating the letters and letting the cash run in.

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Week In Review 45W2009

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Week In Review 44W2009

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