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Week In Review 30W2009

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Week In Review 29W2009

  • The mobile market is a cruel mistress. The Nokia Q2 year on year profits droped to 30%. That’s droped to a third of 2Q2008, not 30% bellow (yes, N97 fail). Meanwhile, SE bled $300M this quarter. Definitly things are .. erm… looking up for SE as their loss drop around 25% from last quarter.

  • MS had their WTF!?! moment with the announcement that EU won’t get Windows7 upgrade versions. Their reasoning seems to be InternetExplorer crapiness is so deeply ingrained into Vista an upgrade to Windows7 wouldn’t remove it so to comply with the remedy they invented they won’t be selling upgrade versions. There’s two things here, one is MS is trying so hard to pit consumers against the EU they’re tripping over themselfs. The other is, Microsoft says an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 won’t remove the Vista crap. It will be fundamentally different from clean install in the way the core technology will be Vista. So remember kids, upgrading to Windows7 is a waste o time.

  • On expected news, Apple shut the Pre out of iTunes. Palm is playing it “your loss apple! so there”. I say, Nokia can sync their phones to iTunes without dodgery, why can’t you Palm ?? Meanwhile, people figured out the WebOS SDK is crappy for games.

  • On Piracy un-news, vhs is going to kill the movies. Or at least, it was in 1979. Glad to see people are still morons.

  • On censorship news, Australia is considering going with a 3 strikes law. This is pretty much in line with the Great Wall of Australia. Lets do the australian govt a favour and disconnect them from the Internet. That would save them a heap of trouble! Meanwhile, New Zealand is moving along with their Great Wall. What’s with APAC and great walls ??

  • Oh the irony! Amazon sold a pirated version of 1984 and then deleted it from people’s Kindles. ++ungood!

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Week In Review 28W2009

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Week in Review 27W2009

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The value of a download

A Minnesota court says each downloaded song is worth 80000USD. That’s a lot of money for a song, but how does it relate to real world things ? Say, body parts.
Luckily, the state of Connecticut puts a value on lost body parts to help us make sense of the court’s decision. According to SimplyHired the average salary in Connecticut is 884 USD/week. Let’s round it down to 800USD/week cause high salary lawyers seldom lose a thumb and figure out what’s worth 100 weeks compensation.
One good candidate is loss of hearing in both ears for 104 weeks. Losing a penis, uterus or vagina can also go up to 104 weeks. The 4 finger menu is worth 103 weeks. But in my opinion the 2 fingers and one nose menu is the winner at exactly 100 weeks.

So, in summary, illegally downloading a song inflicts the same damage as the loss of two fingers and one nose.

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