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Is it just me or cuil is like altavista with 3 columns ?

Cuil idea guys, now improve search. We know you can!!

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Why wasn’t I in line for my iphone 3g ?

Cause Apple knows market theory and I don’t have money to waste on early adopter premiums.

Damn you Apple!!

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Google Protocol Buffers

If protocol buffers are so cool, why do they look like ASN.1 ??

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iphone 3G, Portugal, 499e

iphone 8G vodafone pay-as-you-go = 499EUR
nokia N95 8G vodafone pay-as-you-go = 499EUR
nokia E71 + 8G SDHC, unlocked = 470EUR

not looking good for you iphone!

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In Clouds

(continued from Fatty fat client)

I’m bored so enough with the ancient history already. Hotmail went big despite Microsoft earnests efforts to migrate it into the ground and then more and more webmails started poping up and then the gigamail race started and then web2.0 happened.
And in the background all our information was moving into the cloud.
Some people get it, some people don’t. Examples of people who get it are Google and Apple. Examples of people who don’t are Microsoft.

Google was a big part of making moving into the happening by catalyzing the web2.0 thing into gmail/reader/calendar/docs. Google basically realized 2 things, first it’s too damn hard to crawl and scrape the web. Second, there was still a lot of info locked away in silos. Since Google’s business model is making money from other people’s information the next logic step was data hosting and persuading people to give them all their data.
Apple always had a vague idea about all this with .mac and helping people seamlessly (ah!) sincronize their computers and publish publicly on the road. And when they a) got it b) the technology was there or c) both, the iphone came out. The iphone 3g is the mobility/2.0 ipod. Most people didn’t quite get they need it but once the first iphone showed them they could have a phone with an excellent screen and a desktop grade browser the world turned for them. Google is also in the race but well behind with Android.

On the other side we have Microsoft with basically hotmail from 10 years ago, a laughingly bad online experience on their mobile devices and deepening silos. If iphone 3G is the ipod windows mobile and windows live are the zunes of mobility.

The sad loser on all this is Palm. They got it 10 years ago and then lost it somewhere along the way due to woeful mismanagement. Palm could have launched something like the iphone 3g instead of the folio. I bet they’re all very proud now pointing at all the eee pcs and saying “we invented that. too bad we’re bust”.

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