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So much choice, so little time!

I remember when the world was simple. There was quite a lot out there to find out and not a lot of prerequisites. I knew quite a lot of C and enough OO and C++ to get by and when pragmatism or Web was involved there was Perl, quite a lot of it really.

Nowadays things are somewhat more complex.

Google took the big leap and announced Android. Obviously, my geek panties automatically bundled themselfs at the prospect until I realized the API was all Java. As soon as I started remembering Java I realized why I forgot all about it.
Then Adobe released the AIR stuff and I’m all over javascript which despite the name has preciouslly little to do with Java and gives me both desktop, web client and thanks to aptana hopefully server side too.
Apple released the iphone SDK and I’m all over it, again. Except Apple has the warm and fuzzies about ObjC which is just enough like C to be strange and enough like nothing else to be strange.
And now Google busts out the App Engine which again gets me over excited. Google is all about Python on the Web side and obviously the API and rutime for app engine is Python. Sad thing is I dislike Python only slightly less than Java.

So now there’s 4 languages, one that I know nothing about, one that I don’t mind and 2 that make my brain want to sludge out through my ears all competing for my attention in overlaping or complementary spaces. The result ? I’ll most likely never get anything done again!

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